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Plants contribute to a healthy environment

It is often difficult to completely control the indoor climate within an office. It can be too hot, too cold, too dry or too damp.
Furthermore, it can never be perfect for everyone: what one person finds too hot, is too cold for someone else.
In addition printers, copiers, computer monitors, floor coverings, paint and wallpaper release substances into the air, which affect the quality of the indoor climate.
The consequences of poor air quality are well known: irritated eyes, headache, skin complaints and dry membranes in the nose and mouth. Not only unpleasant but also unhealthy.

How can one improve the environment in the work place?

One can improve the indoor climate of your work place by introducing plants to help create a healthy indoor climate.
Plants are able to bring moisture back into the air. They will absorb dust in addition to harmful chemicals, emitted from air conditioning and heating units.
It has been proved in many work place studies, that plants are responsible for cleaning the air of formaldehyde.


  • Symptom Reduction in complaints (%)
  • Eye irritations - 15%
  • Dry throat - 31%
  • Fatigue - 32%
  • Cough - 38%
  • Headache - 45%
  • Less stress

The presence of plants does not only affect the indoor climate, it adds huge appeal to outdoor areas

Researchers have discovered that a view of greenery can result in a reduction in stress within five minutes.
Research in the Netherlands has shown that people who spend more than four hours a day working at a computer, feel healthier and are more productive with plants within the workplace and a view of green plants outdoors.

Plants in an outdoor area add instant appeal, whether it be a restaurant or bar/café situation, playground or entry area to a large corporate office.